Trim Circle Chandelier Earrings

Trim Circle Chandelier Earrings


Born from architectural flourishes called “dentils,” the Trim Circle Collection is marked by a trim of small, repeating silver beads that border the jewels of this timeless collection. Hammered, shimmering silver plate fills out each piece, creating a distinctive look uniform to each item in the Trim Circle Collection. Bushing the trim of some of the most classically distinguished examples of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, dentils date back over two millennia and are used here as a unifying design.

Shapely and elegant, our Trim Circle Chandelier Earrings consist of three graduated circle elements that sparkle as they adorn your ears. The length and presence for these earrings demand attention as light dances on their facets. 

Product Details:

These stud style earrings are made with a special non-oxidizing sterling silver alloy and have a reflective hammer texture. They come with sterling silver backs and are 2.5" long x 1” at their widest point. 

Also Available in 14k or 18k Yellow or Rose gold and Platinum. Please contact us for more information.

Pair with Trim Circle Statement Ring.

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