Elisa Melegari Jewelry

Meet the designer

The vision, design, and creation of all Elisa Melegari Jewelry is grounded in human history: history of the Italian Renaissance, centuries of Italian architectural design, and 21st century American innovation. A child of two worlds, Elisa’s creative foundation was born and cultivated with American practicality through the character of an enterprising working class Italian family. 

Born and raised in Brescia, Italy and transported to the shores of Rhode Island in childhood, Elisa recaptured her passion for Italian artistry through study in Florence. Along with the return of her fluency in the Italian language, Elisa’s renewed focus cultivated a unique style of classical elegance that is undeniably informed by the progressive American landscape that shapes her current home. This passion inspires every aspect of Elisa Melegari Jewelry, and her collections are defined by the fusion of tradition with discovery.

Elisa Melegari’s jewelry is personally designed and individually handcrafted using traditional jewelry-making and goldsmithing techniques in her New Jersey studio.