Rosette Peridot Studs

Rosette Peridot Studs


The Rosette is a widely used ornament that is characterized by a circular, often floral design. Traced back to antiquity, the art form has weaved its way through recorded history: its telltale, round, sculpted ornamentation travels from Mesopotamia and Babylonia, to Ancient Egypt and Greece, the Renaissance, and today.

Similar in aesthetic to the Arabesque-style leaves and curls, the Rosette Peridot Studs form a sculpted flower complete with symmetrical silver petals and a striking peridot pistil. True to form, the delicate, surrounding petals draw out the stone's brilliance like a radiant daisy in the height of summer.

Product Details:

These stud style earrings feature two 3mm round peridot stones, are made with a special non-oxidizing sterling silver alloy and are finished with our lustrous signature satin texture. They come with sterling silver backs and measure 0.5” in diameter.

Also Available in 14k or 18k Yellow or Rose gold and Platinum. Please contact us for more information.

Pair with Arabesque Peridot Ring.

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